Window Cleaning Mississauga 2024

Window Cleaning Mississauga

Poorly cleaned windows not only detract from your view, but can also lower your home’s value. Professional window cleaners ensure all windows are professionally and thoroughly cleaned to safeguard both health and property value. Water-fed pole systems that utilize purified water eliminate the need for ladder use, making window cleaning far quicker and simpler, leaving them spotless afterward.

What We Do for Window Cleaning Mississauga?

We do more than just clean the windows when you call Sublime Cleaning!

We start by taking off the screen, which lets us check it for damage or wear. Next, we clean the outside track. Then we brush the frames clean, getting rid of any dirt or spider webs that are around the windows. After that, we wet the window and wipe it clean. If the windows are really dirty, we’ll use nylon pads or steel wool to scrub the surface. This won’t hurt the glass, and then we’ll wipe the dirt off, leaving the glass spot and streak free.

After that, we clean the window frames and remove any water that is around the sides. This makes the windows look much better.We care just as much about your windows as we do about your home and its furniture. To protect the outside of your home, we use ladders with rubber feet. To protect the paints and finishes inside your home, we wrap the tops of our special internal ladders. We wear fabric boots to keep your feet safe. We also make sure that your plants near the house are safe.


Window Cleaning Mississauga


We clean with biodegradable items that are okay with the USDA. We polish windows with hard-water spots by hand, and if we need to, we use a razor blade to scrape off paint and other dried debris. Some people love how clean windows look so much that they have them cleaned every two to three months. At least twice a year, you should have them cleaned so that smog, dust, and hard water stains don’t build up and damage the glass forever. Anything wrong with the windows, like broken seals, dry rot, broken panes, or water leaks, will be brought to your attention.


When cleaning your Windows, what you should Avoid?

Sublime Cleaning says it’s important to check to see if your glass windows or doors have special coats on them before you clean them. As they explains, “the interior and exterior energy-efficient finishes are very durable, but they may be damaged if harsh cleaners or hard objects are used to clean them.”

If you want to clean your windows well, Sublime Cleaning  says you shouldn’t use the following cleaners and tools:

  • Knives made of metal should not be used to clean glass or get rid of paint or spots on it.
  • If you scratch the outside of the glass, you could damage the special coats.
  • To get rid of the protected film, don’t use metal razor blades. Instead, use your fingernail or a clean plastic scraper to peel back a corner of the film.
  • Do not clean any glass surface with rough cleaners or tools like scrub brushes.
  • When you dry the glass, don’t use newspaper because the ink could change the color of other things around it.


How do I clean my Window so it doesn’t get streaks?

Window Cleaning MississaugaIt takes more than just spraying and cleaning to get windows that look their best and are free of streaks. If you want your windows to look their best, you’ll need to do some planning ahead and learn how to clean them successfully without leaving behind too much buildup.

Five Steps you would not want to miss: You’ll be able to permanently bid streaks on your glass by using these suggestions!

  1. Swap paper towels with microfiber cloths: Microfiber has become a major Source in the cleaning industry. While it can be used on many different surfaces, glass is one area where it excels and leaving windows with a better finish.
  2. Your best friend is a squeegee: Another cleaning equipment that is becoming more popular is the squeegee. The silicone blade on the squeegee guarantees that it won’t scratch windows while being used and effectively to remove glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.
  3. Make use of an eco-friendly cleaning agent: Making the right cleaning product selections is essential to ensuring your windows are free of residue and stains. Using an eco-friendly solution is a great way to maintain spotless windows, help the environment, and maintain the health of your house.
  4.  Purchase a glass scraper: Do you have a particularly filthy window and find that your go-to cleaning supplies aren’t doing the job? One of the greatest equipment for cleaning windows is a glass scraper, which can be used to remove tenacious residue, stickers, dirt, markings, and grime from glass surfaces.
  5. After cleaning, shield your glass: Glasses with Full Protection have a surface that is difficult for dirt to stick to, shielding it from water residue, soap scum, and grime. You’ll be able to enjoy a spotless view for longer and spend less time washing your windows.



           How often should your windows be cleaned?

Window Cleaning MississaugaClean the outside once a year in the spring according to Sublime Cleaning. Clean the inside windows more often—every week or month, or whenever they are dirty enough to see through from dust.

Airborne Allergen: Cleaning your windows at least once a month throughout your peak allergy seasons is always a good idea if you are especially sensitive to airborne allergens.

Debris and Dirt: Living in a rural area as opposed to a metropolis may result in more dirt and debris blowing in your direction. Cleaning your windows at least once a month is always a good idea if you live in one of these “high dirt” locations.

Weather Situations: Another excellent incentive to clean your windows is rain marks. If you live somewhere that rains a lot, you may find that the rain readily obscures your perspective.


How to keep Window screens clean?

Window Cleaning MississaugaWhen you clean your windows every spring, you should also clean the screens. Just in case, Take the screens off and spray with a hose to get rid of dust and pollen when you clean the outside windows. Here are few steps to clean Window Screens:

  1. Take the window screen outside after removing it.
  2.  To get rid of any surface debris, use a hose to rinse the screen.
  3. Put on some rubber gloves and combine a solution for cleaning.
  4. Use a brush and the cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the screen.
  5. To get rid of the cleaning solution, rinse the screen one more.

Take the window screen out of the window before you begin cleaning it. Cleaning the screen will be considerably simpler if this one is removed. Before beginning to clean any screen, make sure it has been removed from the window.


How to clean blinds for windows

Window Cleaning MississaugaFinding the right way to clean the dust and dirt off of your window blinds might be more difficult than wiping down your window panes. Lucky for you, there are some useful tools that can save you from having to do each blind individually. These five tips will help you get rid of dust from normal blinds, window slats, grates, and other places.

  1. Assemble cleaning supplies.
  2. Shut the drapes.
  3. Make the blinds dusty.
  4. Close the blinds, then open them again.
  5. Make the surroundings clean. 

How are blinds cleaned by professionals? Professionals have access to the same equipment and methods that do-it-yourself homeowners do. They use basic items like a microfiber cloth. They are perfect for cleaning blinds.


How do they charge to clean windows?

Professional window cleaners, especially those who clean homes, use a number of different ways to figure out how much to charge for a cleaning. Charges for big buildings and offices are usually based on how much space they take up. For most window cleaners, it takes too much time to charge by the pane or by the number of windows in a bigger building.

Because there aren’t many windows in a small house, it’s common to charge a flat rate per window for easy cleaning jobs like getting rid of water stains and dust in the window sills. Many professional window washers will charge by the pane, anywhere from $2 to $7 for each one. For bigger windows, they may charge more.

It’s common to charge by the hour in big homes where counting each window pane would take too long or not make sense. Most of the time, it costs between $30 and $65 an hour to clean windows.

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